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Incorporating Systek Controls

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For manufacturers who supply their customers with packs and bundles of linear mouldings it is important to accurately tally the number of pieces supplied.

Firstly, a comprehensive method of documenting moulder throughput has never been more necessary than before, giving better control and production management.

Secondly, and more important to ensure confidence in the accuracy of the tally bundles and packs of mouldings.

The Systek TallyBeam is easy to install. The electronic system measures each piece of timber as it is machined and counts the quantity of each of the lengths. The operator enters the number of pieces or the number of metres, and when this amount has been the produced the machine automatically prints a tally ticket that can be attached to the pack. The system also records the cubic metres produced, date, time, customer name profile type, machining time, and the reasons for stoppages. Selected information can be printed on request, together with details of each job run on the machine.



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