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Dye Range Control Systems



Systek Controls Systems will take a clients application and produce a suitable bespoke control system to match the requirement. One such example is a control system for a Fabric Dye Range. The clients dyeing range shown here consists of a series of chambers through which the fabric to be processed is passed.


The various sections consist of temperature controlled zones with direct steam injection or ovens heated by gas, oil or electrically heated to wash tanks and heated drying sections. The fabric to be processed is transported via sets of rollers driven by AC motors which are in turn controlled by AC inverter drives. A typical control panel for a machine of this type is shown in the picture below; they often range from 1, 2 or 3 bayed cabinets housing all of the necessary control gear and instrumentation.


The project from initial client design and specification includes all of the required electrical drawings, procurement of industry standard parts and equipment, panel assembly and wiring through to and including a complete system test to ensure that all of the control systems are working to expected design parameters. Finally the system will be packaged and shipped to the client’s site where final integration and testing is carried out.




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